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Our Group's diversity is unmatched by most. Though Jazz is at it's core, The Band deliciously serves up a menu of musical styles that range from Jazz & Blues, to Pop, Softrock and R & B. The PARADOX Family consist of a collection of the most knowledgeable and talented performers around. We keep it exciting!! We can provide you with a whole night of jazz or we can mix it up for you...wanna Dance?...we do that to. Whatever your musical needs, PARADOX "can do."


GENE SARTOR (Guitar, Vocals)  Gene is the band's originator and has played guitar since the age of 14. He has had the experience of studying with guitar jazz master Mark Whitfield and Delfeayo Marsalis. Remarkable guitarists, like George Benson and Tuck Andress influence him. Gene enjoys sharing his talents in order to educate and entertain.

DEE SARTOR (Lead Vocals, Percussion)  Dee has been performing with PARADOX for 4 years, 1st as a violinist and presently as the groups' lead vocalist and percussionist. Dee is a diverse singer/musician having performed with area orchestras and string ensembles which include the Manalapan Battleground Symphony Orchestra. Dee sings many styles from classic Jazz & Blues to today's pop and does it with enthusiam and fun.

AL JOHNSON (Drums)  "Drummer extraordiare"...Al has been in the "Drummin'" business for over 20 years of his young years, he is a seasoned performer and provides PARADOX the grooves and the support it needs in order to provide our special sound.

DONNIE HARRELL (Keyboards, Flute, Vocals)  Donnie is, simply put, "the best." His keyboards are hot and his flute adds a really nice touch to the PARADOX sound. Donnie received his degree in music from Trenton state and really knows his stuff. He keeps us all on our toes.  No body does it better!

NORMAN PERKINS (Bass, Back-up Vocals) Norman has played Bass for nearly 35 years and is a knowledgeable and accomplished musician. He is an "A1" performer and is extraordinary on his ax.  His thumping bass provides a strong bottom for PARADOX to stand on.